Occupational and Environmental Medicine (LU)

Avdelningen för arbets- och miljömedicin (AMM) tillhör institutionen för laboratoriemedicin (Lund) vid medicinska fakulteten, Lunds universitet. Vid AMM finns fem forskargrupper med inriktning mot följande områden: hälsorisker av metaller, epidemiologi och miljömedicin, miljöbetingad luftvägssjukdom, beteendemedicin, samt arbetsrelaterade besvär i rörelseorganen. Varje år publiceras ett hundratal forskningsrapporter. AMM:s personal bedriver också en omfattande utbildningsverksamhet.

Avdelningen är integrerad med Verksamhetsområde Arbets- och MIljömedicin vid Labmedicin Skåne.


Project manager: [mailto: NN@med.lu.se]

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (GU)

Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AMM) is a specialty with the task of investigating and preventing illness caused by factors in the working environment and the surrounding environment. Our core business which is patient investigations, workplace investigations, environmental assessments and medical missions have been carried out according to our business plan. AMM also has operations in northern Halland by special agreements with Halland County Council.

Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine is organized in three units: Occupational medicine, Environmental Chemical laboratory and Västra Götaland Environmental Medical Center (VMC).


Project manager: [mailto: NN@gu.se]

Ergonomic and Aerosol Technology (LTH)

The teaching and research carried out at the Division of Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology (EAT) pertains to knowledge about how people interact with, influence and are influenced by their environment. This includes technological systems, other people with whom we cooperate (organizations), and our physical surroundings. The research findings are used in the design of products and environments that people come in contact with in their daily lives in the workplace, at home and in the community.

EAT has five areas of research (click on the Research tab). There is a certain amount of overlap which means that many researchers are active in more than one area.


Project manager: [mailto: NN@design.lth.se]